Attendance Information

To report a student absence or for questions regarding attendance, contact Mrs. Perrotti

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (570) 585-4300


The Pennsylvania School Code lists the following reasons for excused absence from school:  illness, quarantine, death in the immediate family, professional appointment, religious observance, and impassable roads.  Exceptions to the rule may be evaluated individually by a school administrator or designee. The following guidelines, policies, and procedures will be adhered to at Abington Heights High School regarding attendance:

  1. Each absence requires a written excuse signed by a parent(s)/guardian(s) or a medical professional. When a student is absent, the parent(s)/guardian(s) must send a signed excuse to the homeroom teacher or email to [email protected] stating the reason and date of the absence. Please include the student’s full name on the excuse. A student must provide an excuse by the third (3rd) day after the absence. If no excuse is received after the third day, it will be coded as an unexcused absence. Parent(s)/Guardian(s) will be notified when it becomes apparent that absence is an issue.

  2. Parent(s)/guardian(s) excuses cannot be accepted after ten (10) total absences. Any student who exhibits a consistent pattern of absence may be required at any time to present a professional (eg. doctor) excuse for each continued absence. A professional excuse must include the date and time of the appointment and clearly state the dates that a student should be considered excused. General statements like “until further notice” or “the student may be absent on occasion for the illness” cannot be accepted. 

  3. If a student accrues six(6) unexcused absences, a Student Attendance Improvement Plan (SAIP) meeting may be held to identify any barriers to a student’s attendance. If a student has additional unexcused absences, a truancy complaint to the district justice may be filed against the student or student’s parent(s)/guardian(s). Included in the truancy complaint will be the number of unexcused absences, unexcused tardiness and unexcused early dismissals. 

  4. A total of no more than five (5) days may be approved by Abington Heights High School administration for individual or family educational field trips (IFT). Students must submit the completed IFT request form to administration for approval at least five (5) days in advance of the leave. Approval forms for these absences are available in the main office. Absences beyond five days or any days over 20 total absences will be considered unexcused. IFT requests during midterm or final exam periods or other state testing exams will not be approved. 

  5. A note for an early dismissal signed and dated by a parent(s)/guardian(s) with a specific reason for the request is expected to be presented to the homeroom teacher before the start of the school day in which the student is to be dismissed early. 

  6. Phone calls by parent(s)/guardian(s) asking for the excusal of his/her student are not condoned by the school administration. In cases where there are extenuating circumstances, the school administration will verify the caller’s identity, but reserves the right to deny permission. If approval is given, the student is expected to submit a signed excuse from a parent(s)/guardian(s) or professional the next school day the student is in attendance. If an excuse is not submitted, consequences may be assigned to the student or the temporary verbal approval will then revert to an unexcused absence.

  7. Students who arrive late to school must report to the attendance office directly after entering the building. 



  • Absences from school with proper parent(s)/guardian(s) excuses that are turned in on time are considered “Excused” absences. The student’s full name should be listed on the excusal form.  

  • At a total of ten (10) absences from school, regardless if excused/unexcused, a letter will be sent home to the parent(s)/guardian(s) notifying them that an excuse from a Doctor will be required for every absence after ten (10) days of missed school.  

  • A School Attendance Improvement Plan meeting will be set up upon sixth (6th)unexcused absences.


  • Students have three (3) school days to turn in an excuse for absence from school.

  • A “First Offense” letter is sent to the parent(s)/guardian(s) on the third (3rd) unexcused absence from school. The letter notifies parent(s)/guardian(s) of Compulsory Attendance Laws and that a School Attendance Improvement Plan will be scheduled upon the sixth (6th) unexcused absence. 

  • Any “Illegal” or “Unexcused” absences from school after the School Attendance Improvement Plan is created will result in a Compulsory Attendance Citation being filed with the District Magistrate.  A truancy hearing will be scheduled.

  • Future Unexcused absences from school will result in Contempt charges being filed against the individual and a hearing will be scheduled for Family Court.

  • Students accumulating ten(10) or more unexcused absences may be prohibited from attending extracurricular activities. 


  • A student who arrives late to school and has turned in a note from a parent(s)/guardian(s), Doctor, or legal professional within three days of the tardy will be marked as “Excused Tardy”.

  • At a total of 10 days tardy, a letter will be sent home to the parent(s)/guardian(s) notifying them that an excuse from a Doctor or legal professional will be required for every instance of tardiness after ten (10) instances have occurred. 


  • Students arriving to their homeroom after 7:30 a.m. without a signed note from a parent(s)/guardian(s) or medical professional explaining the lateness will be considered “Unexcused Tardy”.

  • Students will receive a “warning” for the first three (3) times they are Unexcused Tardy to school. A letter will be sent home notifying parent(s)/guardian(s) of the tardiness issue after the third (3rd) tardy.

  • Students will receive a detention when the student reaches five(5) unexcused tardies.. 

  • Students will have a Compulsory Attendance Citation filed with the District Magistrate once the time missed from school as “Unexcused Tardiness” is equivalent to 24 hours, or 4 full school days.