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~PowerPoint in the Classroom~

July 2002

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Computer presentation programs allow you to create professional presentations that combine word processing, drawing, graphics and multimedia capabilities. How can it be used in school and classroom environments? This course is designed to cover the "need to know" features of presentation programs for teachers. In this course, participants will view, discuss and practice the following skills:



What is PowerPoint?

Powerpoint is a complete presentation graphics program. It gives you everything you need to produce professional looking presentations. Simply, PowerPoint is a program for creating presentations -- content to be brought before the public. Because the work you do in PowerPoint can printed out, onto overhead projection film for example, the program is not strictly for computer-based presentations. However, users will get the the most out of the software when it is used to to create presentations to be viewed either on a computer screen or via some type of projection equipment.

Classroom Applications of PowerPoint

Once you've learned to use PowerPoint, what do you use it for?

PowerPoint has a variety of classroom applications, regardless of how many computers you have in you classroom and whether or not you have projection equipment. Teachers can use PowerPoint to :

"Primarily PowerPoint" - Using PowerPoint in the Primary Classroom has some good examples of presentations created by teachers for classroom use. Check them out

More uses of PowerPoint

Some of these are web- based presentations and will load like a web page, others will be downloaded to your computer and can be seen by opening the file.

Classroom Use Examples

PowerPoint Projects and Resources

PowerPoint Presentation Examples


Primarily PowerPoint

Lesson Plans that use PP


Kathy Schrock's PowerPoint Page

PowerPoint Presentations on the Web

Great PP Site !!! Examples, worksheets, rubrics


PowerPoint Resources

Below are a list of links where you can find things to use to spice up your presentation.


Clip Art

AltaVista Image Search

The Clipart Gallery

Ditto - A great image search engine.

Clipart Guide

Kids Domain

Barry's Clipart Server


Sound Clips

Clay's Sound Emporium

The Daily wav



Powerpoint in the Classroom - a cutesy tutorial

PowerPoint Resource Center

PowerPoint Solutions

PowerPoint How Do I.....?

Ask an Expert about PowerPoint

PowerPoint FAQs

PowerPoint Tips

Free and Commercial PowerPoint Templates

Advanced Stuff

PowerPoint Viewer Download (Mac)

PowerPoint Viewer Download (Windows)

PowerPoint on the Web

A Good Example

A Slide Show

Sample saved as kiosk, internet


My Slide Show

Slide Masters

New Slide Show Sample




Other Multimedia Presentation Programs

KidPix - A great program for elementary students

KidPix Slideshow Lessons

Kid Pix - How To

HyperStudio - Great for elementary middle and early high school

The Official HyperStudio Site

A Good HyperStudio Tutorial